Have you ever been bored? Like, REALLY bored? Imagine if you were REALLY bored ALL the time, EVERYDAY. Well, that’s just how the boredest person in BOREDSVILLE feels. But why?

Join Herman on his latest adventure on the MAGICAL BUS to Boresdville where he discovers a place where everyone seems to be well…utterly bored. But why? Can he solve the mystery and find his way back home?

One of the charming books in The Villes series (www.thevilles.com), written by TV celebrity Martin Roberts  to promote problem solving skills in children. The Villes are magical lands where something is wrong. In Tiredsville, for instance, everyone is perpetually tired. In Fullsville, they are continually feeling like they’ve over-eaten and in Coldsville they are always feeling…yes, you’ve guessed it, COLD!!

Herman, Martin’s rather eccentric and unconventional hero starts out each morning with a journey on The Magical Bus and finds himself in one of The Villes. Taking an outsider’s perspective on things, he soon uncovers the reason behind the problem and sets about putting it right – making some new friends along the way. Whilst the cause of the problem is often humorous or whimsical, he demonstrates that sometimes, ‘thinking outside the box’, helps to see beyond the current reality.

A percentage of the cover price of all books sold within The Villes series goes directly to The Martin Roberts Foundation (charity No: 1172905) a registered charity in England & Wales operated to support educational and well being initiatives in children and young people.

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