Martin’s Books

Martin has written and contributed to numerous books about travel and property. His book for the prestigious “Teach Yourself” series, on Making Money from Property was hugely successful, and has now been revised and updated. Both these titles can be ordered below.

Martin has also written a series of Children’s books, which are loved by children and have received critical acclaim in educational circles. Chosen as the News of the World Children’s book of 2011, Tiredsville is loved by children and their parents alike.

The Property Auction Guide

The Property Auction Guide is a practical, in-depth guide to everything you might need to know about buying property at a UK property auction. It details the wide variety of abnormal and unusual properties found in auctions, and points out to the reader what to look out for. Martin condenses his many years visiting and reporting on auction properties up and down the country into a single, must read for any aspiring property investor.

With data provided by The Essential Information Group, an Auction Company Directory and a Renovation Cost Ready Reckoner’, the Property Auction Guide is the most comprehensive guide to UK property auctions you’ll find.

“A real hands on guide to buying property at auction.”

“A perfect companion to anyone considering buying or selling property at auction.”

Making Money From Property

Learn all the tricks of the property trade as Martin leads you through the World of property investing, renovating and developing.

‘Making Money From Property’ is a practical, inspirational guide to everything you need to become a successful property investor, developer or renovator.

From buying at the best possible price to undertaking a conversion project; from investing in commercial property to buying a rental property abroad, Martin teaches you how to avoid the pitfalls and holds your hand through this potentially exciting, lucrative and rewarding world.

“The book is written in a comprehensive manner, assuming complete inexperience, so that novices will be aware of all aspects of buying property.”

The Villes Children’s Books

The Villes is a charming series (, of children’s books written by Martin to promote problem solving skills in children. The Villes are magical lands where something is wrong. In Tiredsville, for instance, everyone is perpetually tired. In Fullsville, they are continually feeling like they’ve over-eaten and in Coldsville they are always feeling…yes, you’ve guessed it, COLD!!

Herman, Martin’s rather eccentric and unconventional hero starts out each morning with a journey on The Magical Bus and finds himself in one of The Villes. Taking an outsider’s perspective on things, he soon uncovers the reason behind the problem and sets about putting it right – making some new friends along the way.

“This is a lovely book to read to your child, full of warmth and humour. It held top slot in our household at bedtimes for at least a month – a record!” Jeremy Vine, TV & Radio Broadcaster“

The Villes Books

Boredsville Book

Herman and the Magical Bus to…BOREDSVILLE

Have you ever been bored? Probably not as bored as the residents of Boredsville!

Could it be something to do with Arnold the editor of the local newspaper?

Join Herman and his favourite band as he solves the mystery.

Coldsville Book

Herman and the Magical Bus to…COLDSVILLE

Jasmine, the coldest person in Coldsville is ffffffffffffreeeeeeeezing. She’s so cold, she doesn’t want to get out from under the duvet. Why is it always sooooo cold in Coldsville? Could it be something to do with the new ice cream factory that’s been built by the river? Buy a ticket and hop on the Big Red Double Decker bus to Coldsville with Herman to find out.

Fullsville Book

Herman and the Magical Bus to…FULLSVILLE

Eric has a problem. He’s so full that the top button of his trousers has just pinged off across the kitchen. He is, without doubt, the fullest person in Fullsville. But why is everyone here always so full? Could it be something to do with Gribshaws famous pie shop? Join Herman on the Big Red Double Decker Bus as he tries to solve the mystery.

Hairyville Book

Herman and the Magical Bus to…HAIRYVILLE

The residents of Hairyville are in need of a hair cut, twice a day in fact! Why is everyone in Hairyville so hairy? Could it have something to do with Guiseppe and Giovanna’s Barbers & Beauty Salon? Join Herman for a trim in Hairyville as he solves the mystery.

Hotsville Book

Herman and the Magical Bus to…HOTSVILLE

It’s scorching in Hotsville and the residents are desperate to keep cool. with the water levels at the reservoir dropping Hotsville needs help quick! Join Herman as he solves the mystery.

Latesville Book

Herman and the Magical Bus to…LATESVILLE

Ever been late for the bus? Well the residents of Latesville are completely frustrated and stressed with always rushing to their next event. Could it have something to do with the Town Clock Tower? Join Herman as he solves the mystery. Don’t be late!

Lostville Book

Herman and the Magical Bus to…LOSTVILLE

Pack your compass and join Herman as he gets lots in Lostville! Why are the residents of Lostville always getting lost? Could it have something to do with Bruce and his new maps? Help Herman solve the mystery!

Sadsville Book

Herman and the Magical Bus to…SADSVILLE

Tears streamed down the face of a glum looking sun as it crawled above the horizon. A hedgehog uncurled from its tight ball of prickles, wiped its eyes and decided to curl up again. A sheep, not generally known for expressive emotion, took a large clump of grass in its mouth and chewed, gloomily… Why is everyone in Sadsville so sad? Join Herman on his latest adventure to find out!

Tiredsville Book

Herman and the Magical Bus to…TIREDSVILLE

Join Herman as he boards the Big Red Double Decker bus to Tiredsville. Why is everyone always so tired? In particular, Chester, the Tiredest person in Tiredsville, who can’t even stay awake while eating his cornflakes. Could it be something to do with Mr Harrington, the mattress maker? Can you beat Herman to solve the mystery?

Windyville Book

Herman and the Magical Bus to…WINDYVILLE

Hold onto your hat and be prepared for a blustery adventure with Herman to Windyville, where even your garden gnomes need to be tied down! Join Herman and Megan as they solve this windswept mystery.