Martin Roberts Podcasts

A Joy to listen to…” “I’ve never laughed so much…” Bonkers but Brilliant…” Join TV’s Martin Roberts and his best mate, ‘DIY Dave’, as they offer light hearted yet practical DIY advice, and at the same time ‘shoot the breeze’ about anything and everything that comes to mind. From erecting a shelf to fixing a lock, sorting a dripping tap to making a birthday gift….while discussing farting rabbits and the perils of hoovering out the hamsters cage…

The Villes Podcasts

“A favourite in our Household…”, “I Loved these books…”, “Funny… imaginative… Magical…” The Villes – A series of whimsical illustrated children’s stories aimed at 6 to 10 year olds, written by BBC TV Property expert Martin Roberts from Homes under the Hammer. From Tiredsville and Windyville, to Coldsville and Boredsville, the Magical bus takes Herman and the reader on a journey of fun and intrigue.