Property Auction Masterclass

I’m extremely pleased to announce that I have now launched the ‘Property Auction Masterclass’ Home Study Property Auction Course, designed to provide both complete newcomers and seasoned property investors with everything they need to know about finding and buying property at auction.

Over the course of 12 highly engaging and entertaining modules, you’ll learn from Martin and a huge panel of respected experts and auctioneers, everything there is to know about buying and selling property and land at auction.  From finding the best deals, to securing them! Martin will dispel myths and give you insider tips and behind the scenes advice.

For a one-off fee of just £497, you get lifetime access to over 6 hours of video delivered in 12 easy to follow modules.
One module per day will be delivered conveniently to your inbox for the next 12 days allowing you to start, stop, rewind and watch as many times as you like. You’ll also get an inspiring downloadable Worksheet to enhance your learning!

You’ll hear from leading industry experts and the most respected property auctioneers in the UK!!

  • Four of the country’s most respected and knowledgeable auctioneers; Clive Emson, Chris Coleman-Smith, Graham Penny and Graham Barton will share their hints and tips.
  • A respected solicitor and a senior accountant will offer legal and financial guidance to set you on the right path.
  • An architectural technician will offer planning and design advice.
  • You’ll then join Martin as he shows you round FIVE properties, pointing out all the things you should be looking for.
  • And finally you’ll go with him as he visits an actual property auction.

Enrol on the training course and learn at your own speed in your own time.

Take Your Training Material Everywhere You Go…

The ‘Property Auction Masterclass’ online course is video based with access to downloadable worksheets meaning your free to learn in your own time.

Topics Covered By The Property Auction Masterclass

  • Tried and tested auction tactics that work, day in and day out, for the auction experts

  • My top auction tips you never see on TV plus the 10 common mistakes people make when buying property at auction.

  • Why 99% of amateurs get property auctions hopelessly wrong and what to do about it

  • The top 10 things to research before you enter the auction room

  • How to understand the legal pack and to see through the auctioneers’ tactics.

  • The types of property available at auction, which to buy and which to steer clear of

  • The types of property available at auction, which to buy and which to steer clear of

  • How to raise money for auction properties.

  • My top bidding strategy tips

  • What to do after the hammer falls – if you have the winning bid or if the reserve hasn’t been met.

  • How to spot major defects in a property and how to cost effectively overcome them.

  • Selling your own property at auction – 6 reasons why you should and 4 reasons why you shouldn’t

Introductory Offer!

Auctions are fun and you can land yourself with the bargain property of a lifetime. But after reading this you may think that buying at auction is easy. However, they are no place for the reckless wannabe.
You must be forearmed with knowledge and know exactly how to prepare for the auction day and how to behave when you get there. Get it wrong and you could end up tied to a wreck.

And that’s why I have created the ‘Property Auction Masterclass’ online property auction course.
If you’ve ever fancied the idea of buying at auction, but didn’t know where to start, the Property Auction Masterclass will set you on the road to success

Just a snapshot of what is covered in the 12 modules;

  • What kind of properties can you find at auction and how to check them over effectively.

  • Accompany Martin as he visits several auction lots to determine what’s a good buy and what’s not.

  • Watch a live auction with Martin talking about bid strategy and what to do if you win.

  • What happens after the hammer has fallen. What projects to undertake to get the best return.

Lifetime Access!

  • Over 6 hours of video
  • 25 Years Experience Shared
  • Insider Tips & Tricks

A Free Insight Into The Modules

Module 1.1

In the first part of module one, Martin gives an introduction to the Property Auction Masterclass course.

  • An introduction to Martin

  • An introduction to the course

  • Explains how to get the most out of the course

Module 1.2
Course Overview

Martin breaks down the course modules and gives an introduction to some of the other guest speakers.

  • Details on each of the course modules

  • Introduces some of the guest speakers

Don’t Delay. Enrol Below And Get Lifetime Access!